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BizTalk360 ESB Reporting

Jan 18

Introducing ESB Reporting in BizTalk360

BizTalk360 ESB Portal is the key feature for our customers who are utilizing ESB in their integrations We have built a brand new portal from ground up to

By Daniel Szweda
global c# functions

Jan 17

Thinking outside the box (or not): How to create “Global C# function” to be reused inside a map?

The Scripting functoid enables you to use Inline Custom Script (C# NET, JScript NET, Visual Basic NET, Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations (XSLT) or

By Sandro Pereira
web api versioning strategy

Jan 16

Web API Versioning Strategy

When you make any changes in the API, consumer should be able to continue using API in the way they were using before the changes were made This is where the

By Mohammed Shamil
biztalk360 bug fixes

Jan 13

Our experience solving a Culture Variant Issue in BizTalk360

As a developer, one of the things that provide us the most satisfaction is when you solve a problem by creating a new solution While we enjoy solving complex

By Mohan Nagaraj
Azure Logic Apps - Lessons Learnt

Jan 12

7 Lessons learnt from the first production Azure Logic Apps project

For starters, I need to start out saying I am very new to working with Windows Azure Logic Apps; so a lot of the issues we faced were just from lack of

By Stephen Thomas
biztalk edi notifications

Jan 11

BizTalk EDI Functional Acknowledgement Reporting and Monitoring in BizTalk360

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the most commonly used messaging protocol in B2B data exchange BizTalk has native support for EDI’s primary standards

By Srinivasa Mahendrakar

Jan 10

Using Azure Service Bus and BizTalk 2016 for messaging between enterprises

Messaging or data exchange between business can be done in various ways Most of you are familiar with FTP (file transfer) or HTTP(S) with XML, JSON or flat

By Steef-Jan Wiggers
biztalk360 monitoring azure services

Jan 9

Using Azure Management API in an On-Premise Application

With the release of version 81, BizTalk360 has the capability of monitoring Logic Apps, API Apps and Azure Service Bus in the Microsoft Azure stack During the

By Senthil Palanisamy
middleware friday and integration monday

Jan 6

Introducing Middleware Friday and Integration Monday line-up

Happy New Year, I wish 2017 turn out to be an exciting year for you We have some exciting things to share about Integration User Group

By Saravana Kumar
biztalk360 team growth

Jan 4

Evolution of BizTalk360 from a Testing Perspective

Starting my journey with BizTalk360 back in 2014 when the product was in the early stages of 72 release was a very proud moment for both me and the company

By Mekala Ramesh

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